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Dursey is a Metro Detroit native with a heart for his community. His passion for serving is evidenced by his work as a high school educator, ministry leader, business coach, and member of Marygrove College's Alumni Board. It has also driven him to launch Fruit of Freedom Initiatives; a project focused on holistically assisting individuals and families. He aims to empower others through financial literacy, nutritional wellness, and spiritual growth. 

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Fruit of Freedom

Fruit of Freedom took form as a blog site in 2016. As a Bible study teacher and creative writer, Dursey took the experiences captured in the Bible to create thought provoking stories and lessons juxtaposing ancient writings with daily life.

Since its conception, it has grown to include these branches of day-to-day living:

Faith, Nutrition, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

The mission of freedom remains the same. Fruit of Freedom is an instrument for the kingdom of God to produce the strength, humility, and purity of Jesus and bring freedom to individuals and communities.  

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Get in Touch

Questions or comments about Fruit of Freedom?  Follow Dursey on social media, send him an email, or fill out this contact form and he will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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"Income diversity is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity."

Aravind M.

Vision 100 Partner

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